Guide Stark and Authoritarian = dominant?

Are dancers domimant by dancing? It is clear that they are implementing strong and must specify the clock clearly and sometimes stronger / harder / wild (eg help out properly at a ladies rotation, the lady turn) not always so wishy washy: D Well. Are these then characterized privately dominant? And how it looks with dance teachers? These have indeed twice Packet you must additionally also conduct a whole group and have authority! (Our example insists that all do what he wants and is very noisy / confident and authoritarian), it may be then that he restrains himself in private life? Or iat one Characktereigenschaft that can not easily change that? Please clarify me on;) What about then with women and alumni from? Are these more submissive? I mean: when women like to dance, you will probably also like out and if they can learn to dance, she likes to be taught it!

PS: Yes, I know. That there may be no completely correct answer, because you can not verallgemeiner and for all the answers, but at least for most people! thank you

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I do not believe that dancing what to do with "like dominating / dominated be happy".

The fact that the dancer performs (ie dancing dominated), is rather the development history of dance owed. He does it for this moment and in this situation.

On the other hand - dominate or not - need it in certain dances absolute confidence in the ability of other dance partner. And for both.

How else to dance rock'n'roll ???

Take Sportakrobatik couples. Of course, the male part seems to dominate, but this works in practice equal, otherwise it can quickly go quite dangerous for both.

And what that says about personality - I do not think anything.

My girlfriend dancing standard for nearly 20 in the team, otherwise a team leader in a design office (about 15 male and a female engineer, namely it), has until 7 years have made active Judo (well, less and less a question of age) she is privately a nice, easy, fun-loving person, very petite, 1.65 m tall and she moves in their spare time with their old American motorcycle, quite proper in the leather suit.

The would die laughing dominate on the assumption they could be happy.

I believe in your assumption is more cliché than reality.

So my best friend is dancing a long time with her boyfriend and the two are very harmonious. He is neither dominant nor unterordnent iwie. I think dancing is generally what very harmonious and it depends on mutual understanding on. As extreme as you think it is not my opinion. But there are different people ... And like you told a general answer difficult I only speak from my experience ...

I would say, "dominant" means assertive.
"Authoritarian" is just the way how you will prevail.
"Leadership Stark" I would rather refer to groups. If you can move a group to row in one direction, then it is a strong leader.

When driving the Lord expresses not the lady on his will, but he gives her the scope to unfold. The best partner I've ever had (a Cuban), said: "I feel but what you want". And he did so to speak prepared for me. Where there is a difference between the Latin and Standard; "Let her dance": but in the Latin is the default for the Lord.

Misunderstood guide I then experienced in Germany (after more than 20 years Dancesport). A man pulled me insensitive like a wooden support by his dressage number and then said, for me as a beginner it was certainly difficult. , , It was hard. Because the Lord had no idea what good guiding. Not mercilessly enforce dressage number, but feel and support the partner!

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