Guinea pig eats the skin of the other!

Again I have a guinea pig question. My Meeri eats the skin of my other guinea pig. What does that mean? Did she perhaps boredom, or what I imagine including?

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As already wrote LilaPferd1, are there not only one possible cause.

If the animal from bad / wrong attitude came (either alone or with a lot of animals on too small space), then it can develop such behavior problems.

If that is not the case, I would always think first of a nutrient deficiency. You can even have time to make a blood test at the vet, then you should be able to find out.

Imagine I could also any organ damage, but I did not know which institution should it be the cause. However, damaged organs can sometimes promote the desire for something specific.

If that is not the cause, it should probably be bored ..

how can you imagine that it eats from the hair from the body or failed because in both cases you should go to the vet

It is not so uncommon that guinea pigs eat hair. These may be your own, as well as hair of roommates. are guinea pigs eat the hair often lawnmower pig called. Assumptions, leading to such properties are varied. More you can find under this link>

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