Guinea pigs have eaten dog food! Help!

My guinea pig apparently likes the dog food (kibble) .always if we let him go in the living room, we therefore ask the dog food but weg.Eben we forgot it and were all up and when we realized it, he smelled from the mouth even after the Hundefutter.Ich have now shit that he has one probably because something has happened or that it ist.Wie unhealthy ate much the guinea pig, we do not genau.Meine mother thinks that it would not be so bad because the dry food mostly consists of grain, but I'm obviously still a little worried.

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not so bad it would be because the dry food mostly consists of grain, but of course I'm still a little worried.

Then it is suitable neither for the dog nor for the guinea pig.
Guinea pigs should get no grain!

Observe the guinea pig, probably nothing has happened, but keep it in mind.
Look how it behaves, whether it is apathetic, if it is still normal eating, normal faeces deposited etc. If you something funny to: Starting to the vet.

How are the fellows of your guinea pig?

If I were you I would eventually call the vet and ask if it's bad when a guinea pig eats dog food. Must not go directly but call and ask it costs nothing;) And if they tell you then yes you yourself villeicht but to do away should :) Wish your little good improvement and teu teu teu that it is nothing bad ..

What a food is it.

If it consists mostly of grain and Vegetable-products I would not worry about the pig, but much about the dog.

Grain does not belong in a dog, that's just cheaper filler, which may trigger happy times allergies and other diseases. I urge you to convert the feed. Something goes towards Orijen, Platinum or White Fang. One probably even raw feeding.

No rabbits is also on dog food and has unfortunately already 1-2 times what swiped. But so far everything has gone well. If it is not a permanent condition, you need think you I sometimes worry.

do not think that something happened. Keep the guinea pig times in the eye, but do not panic :)

Do not panic, that's not bad, even the dog food is not toxic, because nothing happens.

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