Hab cuddled my dog ​​and now this?

Dear Community,

My dog ​​and I are inseparable. Actually a bit like mother and son. His name is Benny. He always comes to cuddle, play real. And be some time I've ever left wrist a kind of rash. I do not know what it is am I allergic to anything and it is only on the left wrist, I have uploaded two pictures hope you can see the rash, because I'd like to know what it is and why it keeps coming back when I with my dog cuddle, play, etc. achja case can you tell me what it is, it is always red burns something Döller and looks like spotty than when the einzellenen hair cells swell .... Thanks in advance and sorry for the long text .. ..

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That's not bad do not worry if it gets worse I would go see a doctor

Is Your dog shorthaired?

The skin on the forearms is particularly sensitive. If I tickle my senior and I'm with my forearm to be put against the grain hair jucht and crawling with me on the forearms, it formed small platters. Allergy I have not. So I think the skin reacts to the acute, powerful dog hairs as on tiny needle tips.

Hmmn mites or perhaps a slight allergy? He licks stand out on your wrist?

Think please times exactly if your dog has licked at this point. I was also always places where dogs saliva stuck. Washing and good it was.

Watch a closer look, this could be it.

Do an allergy test at the (skin) Doctor! There you will find everything to you could be ärlergisch

One probably has your dog a disease or you have an allergy go to the doctor would be the best :)

this happens often?

Can be normal, I've sometimes but decisive extremely without reason.

Maybe you're alergisch let dogs against the check times at doctor

1 go to artzt 2. Can fleas be 3. It's not the dog itself because otherwise you would have noticed it earlier

Sry it should not have I left wrist .... But I left wrist

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