had experience with dogs from the Internet?

Hello. Our dog is recently deceased now we want to buy a new dog. Of course, none of the growers, but the best one from a shelter or from Spain, Romania or so. What should be most aware? Has anyone had experience with it? And someone knows internetseiten of such dogs from abroad?

The best answer

Also German Shelters convey dogs from abroad ...

Then it makes trying out a few trips in your Shelters around and see there after your dream dog ...

Why do you want a dog from abroad adopt the you do not even know then can you before him shall somewhere at the airport?

Because often times dogs "delivered" that have no resemblance to the animal from the offer ....


also in the German animal shelters, at least in the many that are not urban, there are also numerous dogs from abroad.

Many of these animals - our German dog - show severe to severe disorders and trauma, because very few dogs end up in the shelter because they have been particularly loved. But they are usually ended up there because they were a nuisance, unloved, wrong not brought up, problem dogs, beaten, etc. pp.

Such dogs is to rehabilitate difficult - and that takes usually more than just good will.

At the shelter here in Germany you can such dogs but at least "live" to know, in advance often walk with them, get to know them - and then you can better decide whether they fit into our own family and are tolerable or repairable "damage".

Otherwise, it happened way too fast that you completely overestimated the problem that's coming to a - and the animal then quickly end up back in the shelter - and another crack has.

So take the introductory phase much time and do not be guided by compassion you - this is a very bad adviser!

Good succeed


It is great that you take a dog from the breeder! So many dogs living in shelters and prevail especially abroad since the terrible conditions. When you find a matching dog from a shelter near you, which is very convenient, because you can then learn the dog already know and visit often and run before you bring him finally to be. However, the dogs have not been so issued without reason at the shelter and when we looked around in shelters, many biting, not children love dogs were there etc, where you really have to work until they then have the perfect dog for you. Foreign dogs probably live under worse conditions and are likely to have more help needed. There are totally many websites, most are operated by animal welfare organizations that have an infinite number of dogs available. These sites can also be found well, here's an example: http://www.tiere-in-not.de/tiere-in-not/startseite/ . In addition, any type of dog is mediated, puppies and ancient dogs, healthy and what with Handicap, loyal behaved and difficult to treat patients. Take your time to find out which dog suits you, sometimes one is quite overwhelmed with all the animals that are waiting for help. If you should have then chosen you for a foreign dog be aware that possibly is not quite as simple as the way to the breeders. And it is important to note a few things. First you should consider how serious is the website and if you have been in contact with a contact, such as acts of? Trusted intermediaries often want phone calls long, know very much about your family and maybe they even send someone over the form an impression of you. This may seem pushy or anything, but is actually a good sign, because then interested promoters are very sure in what conditions the dog is given, let you so do not be put off and told quiet much of you. Then it is still important that the dog that you want record, is already in Germany or even abroad. Is it already in Germany, it would of course be good if he's come across in your area (mostly in temporary foster homes), then you should learn it definitely personally know and visit him more often, so that you get used to each other. Even if the dog is farther away, you should try to visit him once, even to make you an idea of ​​whether the dog is so, as you have presented it to you. Sometimes the descriptions on the Internet are not necessarily totally true, makes you so a picture of the dog! Should he however still abroad, the matter is more difficult. Builds telephone contact to the mediators on, is quite a lot of questions (illness, age, size, behavior, where does the dog ...) and decide whether you want to trust the people. Because you should the dog to you then still want to take you, it will be transported for you to Germany and you then see him for the first time, but need him acuh equal with take you. If then there is something does not fit, it is very important that you previously absprecht with intermediaries, whether you have to keep the dog or if there is a possibility the dog somehow accommodate, so that it is there still nice for the dog. Of course, it should be your goal to keep him, but protects you. Most preferably, the promoter should therefore take care of a foster dog does not have to move to the next of a shelter. If you then but have a foreign dog with you, imagine a fact that there is initially some work. You will not get the perfect dog. But you do something good and the dog will you be thankful even if it takes time, and then you have a dog as a faithful could not be. Do not be discouraged, but be aware you that many foreign dogs had an ugly past and take time. This is especially so in older dogs, puppies are perhaps easier. If you feel like you have to deal with you first with your pet, a dog from abroad is suitable for you. Oh, the answer is now but become a little long ... I hope you had pleasure to read it all and I could you help a bit. They were in any case my experience, and my dog ​​(from Italy) is next to me, would be that I got him out of the kennel and thus preventing further beatings and other tortures. He now since November '14 lives with me and we still have much work to do, but that is not at all the dogs so, because quite a lot of foreign dogs are from the outset dream dog. I wish you so much happiness and fun with the new dog, and I think it's really cool that ye take not the breeder. Best regards :)

Look you best for the animal shelters that have all the web pages.

I would recommend you in no way to buy a dog from the Internet - even at any Orgas offering distressed dogs from abroad. Unfortunately, there are not only good but Orgas much bad - that many people make money with the trade of such animals. These are brought in bad conditions favorable to Germany and here for a dispensing fee of some 250, - leave. You think you have a dog rescued - but unfortunately often make dubious Orgas therefore money. Therefore, stay away from the Internet.

Why always dogs from abroad? Again, in Germany there are many dogs who are looking for a home, sitting in the shelter and need our support. I always have the feeling to be at a disadvantage. Everyone thinks he is doing something good to take a dog from abroad. Man doing something good to take a German dog.

Especially you have a really big advantage at the shelter: You can get to know Hundi previously. I think eh anything about it, to opt for a dog that has not even seen. The personal impression is important. Even between dogs and humans, there can be antipathy and sympathy.

There are dogs who have a trauma. At the shelter they can say and so you can better decide whether you get along with such a dog or not you but more.

Look at yourself in the animal shelters around and driving necessary even times a distance.

I wish you success

There are plenty of foreign dogs in German nursing places that you can meet at least personally before adoption.

Although we also have a dog from Greece, we would also adore and never give up, but honestly, I would not take again a.

First time the statements on the Mediterranean healths, in which you have to pay in dogs from the South, are not necessarily very reliable as the appropriate test should be repeated at a certain age, to determine whether the animal is actually free of Mediterranean diseases. Since you can so nasty surprises experience (which also prove to be extremely expensive).

Second - many dogs from abroad are traumatized really bad. Since they are so pooled on "survival", you can tell them that often not even sure at first glance to, but they are all small things that turn out to be only at the later coexistence. It then comes down to, if you can maintain a partially computable dog in his surroundings at all like that.

We had always dogs, including dogs experience was prior to the Greece-dog, but if you otherwise "normal" dog is always accustomed to catch here partially quasi again "new" with dog attitude. Our dog is now, after nearly 7 years with us at last "normal" and arrived. Nevertheless, there are situations where old traumas come back to the surface with which the dog and one even first again must cope.

So - not just search for the dog on the Internet and expect at the airport, but take a look in advance. And very carefully about whether her with a dog get along with unpredictable behavior and in your family (possibly with small children) safe since!

Purchase you prefer a the shelter because our animal shelters are overcrowded. Moreover, the people there know the animals precisely and can advise you and help you. I would bring me no from abroad, because they are usually "disturbed" or "traumatized" and no one knows the exact, often creating problems. Why do not you pass in a shelter and look at the animals there to. :)

Will buy a dog from a reputable breeder. Just as listening to the animal misery from uncontrolled Vermehrerei. It is not to introduce good deed dogs from abroad.

or from Spain, Romania or so.

And thus support the animal Mafia?

http: //www.morgenpost.de/web-wissen/article113339372/So-schleust-die-Tier-Mafia -...

Go to the local animal shelter

go into örtlichd shelter ..

are you looking for your wife / husband is the most lied from the Internet after a description?

it has absolutely nothing to do with animal welfare when one drags dog to German Lang.


you have no desire or even interest to personally check back at a shelter?

Over the Internet, because I'm not really sure where the poor animals come.

In a shelter you can watch the dogs and get to know, and even there, there are dog from abroad if it must necessarily be such as.

As I said, always be careful when offers on the Internet!

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