Hair Color Removers who's been tried?

• Do any of you just tested this product?

• If so, did it work?

• What color did you have prior to discolor?

• & of course the most important question, the hair was then very broken?

• If someone has tested a similar product had & success, he must report it to me of course.

Thank you in advance!

The best answer

Had black hair and wanted to finally once again have brown. So for me it worked out and I was back to have very very happy brown hair. As such, it did not look exactly like my natural hair color, because it's only the color pigments pulls but I fande it even more beautiful. One must also note that it affected the result if they had before their hair bleached or ne other color in it. Personally, I was impressed and would recommend.

I'm not sure whether it was the product but the hair was gray dannach

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