Hair green to blue tint!

Hello, (first world problems) I have my tips and my pony tinted blue. On approach I've made it pastel pink, and it looks really nice. But it is now 7 weeks ago and it has been so washed out, which was the blue tint green! This is really not schöns green, more like a pastel green vomit, which simply no longer goes out. That is why I am called by the other mold head ... And it looks terrible! I'm trying now to wash all the time out, but the color remains! :. (And I do not bleach my hair you know a good method as one can quickly make out Thanks in advance LG SweetApple33!

The best answer

I have exactly the same problem .... With me only the green has become ugly and will now referred to as mold head .... Best solution: paint over it ...

Greens can be changed to brown tones through reds. Theoretically, this also with red food coloring or tomato puree, beetroot. Can it try it on an inconspicuous area.

Sipbershampoo act to the yellow in the green to neutralize. Then it is light blue. Otherwise leave act cleansing shampoo long

Oh ... shame've never understood what has lost its color, blue, pink or green on the head! Should we halt expect that it is like that.

Go to the barber who can expertly advise you there.

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