Hair problem Blondieren ?!

So, I had dark brown colored neck, and my lengths are blond. The dark brown I've lightened with lightening spray to light brown. Jetz I will dye my approach blond .. Should I take it first bleaching and then dyeing with a blond shade or equal to a light blonde?

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You have to bleach color on color attracts no brighter :) working at the hairdresser and tell you that does not work ... if you really just look at the end of the blondierst you take ne low percentage figure when oxidant 3 or 1.9 rather leave it then what longer indoors only 20 min with 6 or 9% because depending on the do not know well, what you for hair have what strucktur etc break soo away not one probably you everything but looks ugly if so the pony area reserved and upper head part then fully broken filters have: D I habs also believe me from fuckt

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