Hairstyle at too high forehead? (Young)

What hibt as for example the "cool" nowadays

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    Hey people I have a relatively high end, it is not as bad as other disturbing it does me but I have a pony would I also like to keep but what annoys me is totally thin and thus the broken not by a small breeze is I have quite a lot of hair spray with

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    Hello my name is Dennis. I am 15 years old and I have a high forehead which also is still crooked. I think that I am a not so good looking boy. What do you think about it? --answer-- Do not worry, everyone has their quirks that he can not find beauti

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    Hi Currently have a Justin bees hairstyle only in shorter eg ears still visible and such. Have a relatively high forehead. Looking for a new "storm proof" hairstyle, so you if you come purely from drausen hair must not judge and without a ton of

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    Oh, and best in the Undercut-direction, if someone has ideas, thank you :) --answer-- In hair fall and high forehead on NO EVENT hair up / zurückgelen how the Undercut typical. Does the face look even longer and emphasizes the forehead unnecessary.

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