hamster is super small

Hello, I have a dwarf hamster Dsungarian is very very small, I know that the normal way are also small. But my little is half than the others on the size. And it weighs only 23 g !! Normally dsungies weigh 35-60 g does anyone know why it is so?

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How old is the hamster?
Is it safe a Dsungare? Or maybe a Roborowski? For the 23 g would be even halfway normal.

Dsungars take the winter in any case be entirely up to 40% of their body weight from and to summer to go back to. But 23 g would be for a full-blown Dsungars something bad enough, even in winter.

it is not every hamster same as long as he is healthy but plays no role or?

How old is she then? If everything else is good and she eats normal, everything is fine. In humans and other animals are also not all the same size.

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