Handy to repair completely broken, I have to pay the bill anyway?

Hello, have 2 weeks before my HTC one xl brought for repair, because gesprungenem display, otherwise it was working properly, have used it 3 weeks left until the jump me very annoyed hat.Man told me it would take a day and 109 Euro cost, but the phone would be even worth about 200 euros and the repair would therefore lohnen.Nach two days they called and said it was the wrong display shipped and after a further 5 days they called and said they had now tried three display and now the cell phone would no longer respond to, so totalschaden and they could give me a spare (neither allow smoking) and I would have the difference to the new terms used by 50 euro and 109 euro for repair pay, anyone knows whether the law as true ??? I do not see quite a why I should pay the cost of repairs, but where I can not use my phone ??

The best answer

Nothing to pay! The need to bring the harm in order, otherwise you can show them.

No, of course not .... The need to first bring order otherwise because pay nothing!

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