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As already mentioned above is my question whether a Hanoverian or Holsteienr is better? I must say that I am only 13 soon 14th I ride since my 3 years and have lots of experience. My mother and I had many years a Hanoverian stallion and I could ride dressage with him south. My future horse should then be used but rather as a leisure horse.

Ever THANKS in advance;)

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As Recreation these breeds are not suitable. bred for performance and endurance, such horses are underutilized in the recreational riders back and forth properly. Even from and rides to dressage brauchts no "Ferrari" as is the "SUV" correctly. Hanno and Holi are anyway almost identical races.

In my opinion, it does not come to the race on the horse if you "only" as a leisure horse want to have and do not want in the tournament sport. Much more is it depends that you find the horse that suits you and where are you're one hundred percent sure that it is the or better is your horse :) good luck

Hanoverian or Holstein breeds are not right, those are easy German horses are entered in the respective breeding association. as one might breed and register in Hannover Oldenburger with a Westphalia. So one would nevertheless a Hanoverian.

Search not just after races, look you different horses, whether or Hanoverian Holsteiner etc. and pick the horse out what works best for you and your needs.

Because most stallions are approved anyway for almost all farming areas (races), it does not really matter whether Hanoverian or Holstein.

CHARTS my mare the offspring of a Hanoverian and a Oldenburgers is loud Pass a Württemberger ..

Apart - who thinks they have to search for a horse after the race, riding A. certainly no S-Dressage and B. is absolutely not ready for her own horse. ;)

That's how gehupst jumped.

Neither. This question can an S-dressage professional not be explained extensively correctly.

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