Harm irregular drinking?

From morning until about 18 o'clock I drink about 200ml and then in the evening about 1,5l. I feel no urge noon just something to drink. My question now is whether my kidney or harm the other could? I only drink water. I'll do it more like this. Lg

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Hello! Since old guidelines were recently nixed. The required amount is less than you thought. If you have not individually or through sport / work / temperature a special fluid loss so rich 1.5 liters a day from well. Furthermore, for the elasticity of the skin, it is important that you drink plenty. So it supports the formation of hyaluronic acid. This part of the connective tissue and ensures the elasticity of the entire skin.

I wish you a good and nice weekend.

The body stores. You can several days nothing beverage without the damage occurs. But health is not. Too Much, Zb 5 L of water per day, but is also not in the long run good.

If it gets to you then drink it that way. The main thing you drink enough. This is important.

I years at most NEN glass drinking iced tea. Clear, well is something else, but you get apparently yes to your 1.5L. Runs.

I habs so learned that one of the two-thirds Tagesverbrsuxhs to drink until 14:00!

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