Harman Kardon AVR245 Receiver accepts no commands from remote?

Hi, who has experience with the following problem:

Have a Harman Kardon AVR245, the reciver can be manually operated without any problems on the machine, but the remote control does not respond!

Although in the FB inside new batteries, all buttons even when operated lamps (eg. AVR, HDMI1, video .....). Have the remote control and reset according to BAL, and attempts to resynchronize, Although does nothing and did nothing.

Who knows what it may be, or has or the remote control which, because they still lit by pressing, but not send? Infrared receiver on Reciver? But the stands since neukauf December 2011 the same spot and never moved!

Would appreciate suggestions or Rep.tips bzw.Trick17 !;)


The best answer

Yes I pressed on AVR, everything had worked until last week! Only now I can on the FB nothing remotely operating, no turning loud / quiet, no modes / bzw.geräte change! Nothing more, unfortunately!

you have pressed the button AVR? since it is ne FB with which you can control other devices you must first click to the device filters to use it can.


Thanks for the tip teutonix1!

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