Harry Potter Am I crazy?

I love the books.

I just can not think of anything else. Just remember how it would be if there really Hogwarts and how it would be to be there. I'm already running against the wall between track nine and ten, but, except that hurt my head, there was nothing. At school my performance also leaves very like, but I can not help it, I just think more about when I can finally read.

I hope always in the library at Hogwarts to be, because here in the 'real' world, there is no such good books. By the law on the secrecy of magic, I could not even have to know that there really is this or my owl has just gone by one year. I just want necessarily to Hogwarts.

Some years ago I read Harry Potter, but at that time I did not care. This runs now but for several months along, I just can not help.

Please help me: 1. Is there really Hogwarts? 2. Since I am anyway sure it is there. How can I get there? 3. How do I find out if I have magical powers? 4. When are the Harry Potter movies on TV?

This all sounds now safely incredibly crazy, but it's true ...

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Hello HarryPotter987,

many people who have read Harry Potter, would wish that it all really is. But awake rather on before you're going to go crazy! There is NO Hogwarts and NO secret wizarding society. Your owl has not flown. JK Rowling has "only" thought of a wonderful novel that has enchanted people. You can, of course, if you have a very very very much money, any time and leave when Hogwarts all the trimmings rebuild. But conjure you'll unfortunately never ... or you knew it already.


I think so you're a little crazy. I dream indeed now and again of Harry Potter but that you so well at school crash did not work. -.-

So that is perhaps new, but look at that at times is extremely beautiful: https://www.universalorlando.com/harrypotter/

Some Harry Potter movies, there is to my knowledge on YouTube :)

So there are three associations of "textbooks":

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • Quidditch through the Ages
  • the fairy-bard of the beedle

Simply enter in Amazon

my knowledge comes the end of 2016 movie of "phantstische animal beings and where they are found" to the movies.

and magical powers, there are not very honest :)

hope I could help :)

1. Hogwarts itself no 2. You have to show that you are worthy 3. if you have magical powers you'll recognize it when the time is right 4. The films are from time to time on TV

To time to stay on the serious side.

I myself have read all the books already about 3-4 times and let myself like enchanted. Reading a book is a world in which the book makes it seem very real.

But just ... It's a book. So there is no Hogwarts yet has anyone magical powers. A set of all the films you can buy and then you see as much as you want.


Yes, unfortunately, there are the Hogwarts like you mean it, not really, although I think that there is the castle of the film partly in real.

But I understand you. I saw myself all the movies too often, unfortunately, not yet read. Nevertheless, I have the others who have made a contribution to agree. This is despite all not really, it is invented.

Psychaterie you might like to visit. Hogwarts does not exist, you do not have magical powers. The present can you do if you shut your your eyes. Put the harry potter books under your pillow and dream. Set yourself a round glasses and keep your face on a hot herdplatte. Then you get a stick out of the woods and drag you to a black robe. Then cushion going to conjure up in the air around. Then you have a chocolate frog buy and eat from the Aldi! GOOD LUCK

I had Hey buddy, precisely these feelings also, but I have spent the time to buy and read with fanfiction and look.

Just look at times the american dad series, which directs you up so: D

Middle Earth is there really.

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