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Hello :) I am a huge Harry Potter fan. In the movies, there are countless, but super successful Zitate..die most are from Albus Dumbledore. I wanted to ask what happen this movie quotes in the books inside. Ifs please go with page numbers: D Thank you: *

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Hello MagicNeverEnds,

There is in both film and book as many quotes that would last forever, rauszusuchen everything and compare. But I have two links here again. One has all the movies listed with their quotes and the same with the books.

Click your way but otherwise just by the films and books to compare. I know that there are some quotes definitely which are the same or similar in both, book and film.

The film citations per film after those sorts, which they have said. In the books they are ordered per chapter and page number.

And, little clue, it is all in English since. Which means that the page count is probably is with the German match, but that chapter is indeed here, and most is attending, who said the quote, so it should be in my opinion not be too hard to find it in the books.



Hope I could help. For further information you can you please let me know.


It requires a lot of courage to confront its enemies in the way, but much more still to face his friends in the way. ~ (His first book / Should last chapter) Albus Dumbledore to Neville Longbottom

"It requires a lot of courage to confront its enemies in the way, but much more still to face his friends in the way." In the first part near the end. As Dumbledore says to / about Neville :)

Regret not dead, deplore the survivors, especially those who live without love.

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