Has already jmd the treaclemoon spray bought?

Which treaclemoon body spray smells better? (Purple or green) Keeps the scent long? There's the even in small?

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So I smelled both, and I think that lilane Mega smells good, but to be too intense .... The green smell I still find repellent: / So I got my first not bought but I will not even think riechen.Für smell I find the Balea Tropical Body spray totally perfect! Or the different types of the new Essence Perfume)

So Conclusion: again itself off but the smell other Treaclemoon things I find successful!

So I think that the lilane childhood smells. So I have the green one so ginger. It just smells ooooooooooooooooooober mmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeggggggggggaaaaaaaaa hammma well. but in small, there is only the other things of Tracelmoon, ie body lotion and cream. I have all kinds of tracelmoon but not all smell directions. So I think everything was great. but in small, there is the not spray

I think Lila better ^^ of fragrant keeps relatively long. Whether it's in a small I have not got a clue. Lg :)

Green IS the best in me keeps's long and small does not exist

I have only the Lilane. I find the smell full well. Stop is pretty sweet with the fragrance (btw that was the first thing I bought it)

Purple is better Holds long as there is not in small

Not in small have both both looooong good !!

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