Has anyone of you experience with Charlie Charlie are you here?

Has anyone of you experience with "Charlie Charlie are you here"? Does it ever or is it just fake? Thanks in advance:)

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For me it not worked and PewDiePie on YouTube also does not therefore seem quite implausible to me and when you look the video finished they say mostly I habs with two bands made

Oh, who Conceived so they get only small children attention: D

I tried it and it did not work and a friend said that it worked. When we wanted to make it in the end times it did not work, and at some point I no longer believed her that it worked.

This is just such a stupid game like Bloody Mary or so. IT DOES NOT WORK: 3

So for me and my friend's did not work :( (the pen has not even moved a millimeter)

I mean that's fake.

Utter bullshit :) also does not

I think it works, but for me it did not work and it does not work every time ... when I look at the videos of this challenge is the over quite credible ...

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