Has DJ bobos Jacket times stolen? :)

Hello :) The question is above, but that not all the questions why I want to know absolutely here is the answer. Someone with told (in my verwandschaft) he stole the jacket from DJ Bobo, but then wanted his parents jacket return, they had yet burned, so that no one would get trouble. If you are aware of and read the answer to my question, I would be very happy if you correct me, that list all the errors. Most probably when I used indirect speech so the Future 1 and / or 2. Have a nice afternoon or evening now I wish you :)

The best answer

have just called him and he said that he could not really mind that ever a jacket was stolen from him ... Apparently was in kindergarten times as a wild boy who had then savaged him the sleeve of the jacket, but does not guarantee stolen ... If you need more details you can buy him between 18:40 to 19:00 on his cell phone call, but no more later ...

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