Has jamand an idea how to make dog toy itself?

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You can, for example, knot a strong rope and hanging a ball on it ... or an old toy ...

We make Zergel fleece fabric itself. I also near even Preydummies =). Otherwise a sniffer box (carton with a lot of newsprint and a few treats) is also a super job.

you can always hang out dogityourself.com around because everyone is sure will find it =)


We have always taken a strong rope for our dog (German Dane) and this tied into a ball that has fallen our dog: D ansonten would go old shoes, but every toy is sometime Tickets are sold times;)

tie An old stuffed animal to a stable cord and the cord then to a stable floor. Then dangle before the dog's muzzle, the dog will try to catch the stuffed animal.

Have fun!

Just an old T-shirt or undershirt so often tie, that it is no longer recognizable. Finish is the dog toy).

Just give this address http://www.dogityourself.com/ There you have many tips to make toys themselves

Our dogs love "sock knot" ... the single sock the family repeatedly knot -so you can play super -they in the air shy countries, it rumknappern .. my dog, love this ...

Dogs love to chew so our dog likes to chew plastic bottles

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