Has Telekom unlocked?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE + version with Telekom I have the branding since May 2014 I ask for a quick response.

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Hello Dasrayy,

has been suspected as right here, won the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE + neither SIM nor netlock and can be used with any SIM card.

Many greetings Tobias P. Telekom helps

SIM or Net-Locks are usually not applied to subsidized by maturity contracts mobile, since one is already bound by the subsidies. However, the operating system for branded mobile phones is partly adapted. The Telekom makes it. This means that telecom branded phones in the telecom network better reception than the same but ungebrandete phone but have poorer reception in other networks.

> I ask for a quick response.

Please refrain from such Vordrängelversuche. It is characterized NOT faster, annoying and motivated rather not respond.

so it now has simlock yes or no

A contract device never has a Simlock, but possibly a Netzlock. But since 2014 there are no longer these (small exceptions: eg iPhone). With prepaid phones (Xtra package / Xtra Bundle) there is a Xtra Lock (only all Xtra go Simkarten but no contract card).

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