Has the Whatsapp Contact still Whatsapp?

Hello! I look the whole day to be Whatsapp window but write it do not know whether he an.Muss Whatsaoo has or nicht.Sehe no last seen, no state and no Bild.Aber the other person has me not as a contact. Nevertheless, I have yesterday as yet seen that he is ONLINE war.Seit morning but NOTHING more da.Kann not write him (he is not aware of the number). If he has changed his number, the person would then be as normal Whatsapp contact at all in my list? Should not disappear by itself? I KNOW that I quite Stalke and do not intrinsically Tilch should, because it itself also hurt tut.Aber I have to know this and would be happy if you know more and I could answer the question. LG :) and thanks in advance

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he Vllt off his online status, and then you see only when it is online. this one can also adjust who can see his profile picture just himself all contacts or only the contacts that it has stored on his cell phone. I have it limited to only my contacts ie whom I eg have not Stored your number then you do not see my picture.

Do not think that is then the contact is no longer displayed. War with girlfriend ner also they had a new number (their old number I saw still on WA) He probably just in its privacy settings to all "invisible" set :)

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