hate my exchange partnerin-go soon to her

Hello (: I hate my Italian exchange partner We do not know us personally just over write, but she also indicated that she does not like me .. I ride in 4 days to her for 2 weeks What can I do HELP !!..!?

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You pull yourself together or blow off the ride. "I hate" .. hello, what she has done? Your family 12köpfige cold smiling geschuppst over the cliff or something? Reiss you times together, you seem to be from the KiTa lifetime out.

with moderation talk to her, the reverse is also true. maybe you can both know you properly.

Of course you can cancel at us someone has made the exchange Switzerland. But they learn but first know, damn !!!

not drive or together tear you ....

I hate my Italian exchange partner (...) We do not know personally

Children ... that's why there is an exchange that their sensible social graces learned. Especially with you that seems to be sorely needed.

How can you hate someone you do not know?

Relax ! You do not know times so pull yourself at Rieben!

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