Have a complex love problem and need urgent rats do not know what to do ..?

I started for the New Year to write with a guy I previously just a bit of friends knew since New Year's Eve we wrote every day without interruption and Especially in the last 3 weeks we have also often seen and taken. We also have a couple of times what. We get along super well, may well talk to each other and so on .. I have been there to have him happy and would have slowly certainly can imagine something more serious before last Friday he had then with another and said something to me that they only friends are however he said with yesterday then he then wanted something of this friend and now she wants something from him. He then told me that she now has feelings for him, and he would not now be sure if he has not also what and he can not be between you and me decide or is not sure what he wants me has taken real and I really want that he decides for me but do not know how to do that or what would be the right: / Please help!

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Depends on what you had already ???

You should admit, however, no relationship of three. Place him before the election and ask him an ultimatum.

If he then decides, let him go, or you'll find yourself in a threesome relationship.

Good succeed :-)

We kissed a few times - no longer. And that's only because we have well understood from scratch and that was for both of us occurance

Away with the. If he were in love with you, he would not have to think about whom he accepts. Even if he chooses for you that does not mean that he has no feelings for the other. Be no second choice and shooting it off.

You met you, but guys are in my opinion not a couple.

Why You had what with him, or WHAT you had with him? Kisses? More? Alot more?

His decision you can hardly influence. Probably he had received from you that what he was after, and is based now and again.

Hopefully you will learn something from it.

just ask him: what then brought him something to feel for you, and what he now feels for the other, and why! and that he should decide otherwise wirste fast unhappy - so best to clarify the things!

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