Have a problem with Kaspersky

A few days ago I have Kaspersky updated from 2013, 2015. And since the database is unable to update. Whenever I go to update comes on the bottom right, a red box with the following text: The database could not be updated Network error when downloading the files or resolution errors for a network name If I as a can help then thanks PS: Yes, the WLAN is on

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check times please whether you have a program on it, that's security.utility. If yes, then it removed.

On 27.3. there was a bug in a database.

If you are affected by it, download the latest version and install it over the existing.

Then all is well again.


WLAN is a stopgap measure, no network connection.

Test times with new install.

lg maro

I would like to first thank you for the help, unfortunately, no response has helped.

But after a bite me with the suport around had struck, they could help me but why the problem is finally fixed.

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