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My dog ​​is dead what should I do best now?

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I am very sorry about that. I know unfortunately how bad it is. My dog ​​died in mid-December.

What do you mean by your question? shalt What do you make yourself, as you grieve or if you bury or cremate Hundi etc shalt?

I cremate my Mausi, because I find the rendering at the vet bad. Google times after crematorium.

If you have a garden, can and you must you Hundi buried.

Mentally, the Council is more difficult. Grief takes time. You lose a family member, a friend - that you put not away just like that. But Your dog will always live on in you. Tests on the beautiful moments to think with him.

First one, my condolences: /

There are several things you can do.

  • dig in the garden
  • Pet cemetery
  • animal exploitation
  • cremate

In the garden buried only works with certain conditions. unc Must property must not be close to because and in water protection areas, it does not go anyway and son convincing.

You can burn it and let do in an urn. You can be pressed even to a diamond the ashes, but costs a lot.

You can buried in a cemetery or let the vet and you simply set up only a picture of the dog to him.

You have to decide for yourself what is the best, I do not think I could be happy with the ashes in the living room. buried in the ridges does not go with us, unfortunately. I would leave him at the vet and build my house a small altar. Except I have enough money, then I let me press a diamond.

I'd moch a wish to wait a month and only dan a new take (puppy) will feel better quickly and the deceased dog gets something in vergessung (my case sorry) if you

You could also let him stuff

let him cremated and bury the ashes in a place where it was often. I have done with my dog ​​like that. heartfelt condolences.

Shadow my condolences :( So I used to have a parakeet died and helps primarily only distraction you just have to kumpels or television so get out to do something gamble eating chocolate etc trust me it will be better again. Lg

What's wrong with you? A few here give very unnecessary and hurtful comments .. a pet is a full member of the family but that seems one or the other not to understand the .. stop it her heartless children!

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