Have a smaller Beaten

History: A smaller boy about 12 was accosted and told that he my car (I'm 17) will scratch me half strongly. Of course, I'm over it stood and gone. As I then left him with my car alone, I got it but to do with the fear and am back to him a little einzuachüchtern to safety.

First I talked to them only from certain, being read the rather cold. Then I got a pushing and flipped. (He has not been injured, and it was so light that it did not do him even hurt).

The stupid thing: Another has made ​​a video and said he goes to the police. (Wsl. Just Bluff)

The question: If he really does what can happen legally me?

Ps: I know that that was wrong.

The best answer

Hey you,

do not worry, you have nothing to worry about, it is clear from the video that he had no pain. Thus, this is also no KV (injury). If no threats and insults were there, you're off the hook.

Maximum comes to you then a letter that you have the statement, which is only to your advantage. There you can then explain everything from your point of view honestly and at the latest, a method is dropped, or maximum demands an apology!

well, although I am always against violence, especially in such different forces ratios .. but I can be your "preventive measure" quite understand. I would imagine that the dear little also bissl what encouragingly notched wood, otherwise you would probably not done.

because while there is a video in this matter, you kannste no excuses. However, the provocation phase has not been documented :)

lg :)

A video is only valid as evidence if it can because convict perpetrators. He would have to be confirmed by the doctor let him that what happened or he has done something. So unlikely is something coming towards you. Especially as you can ask the that video will be deleted!

I know these little early pubertal brats can bring a white-hot, but nevertheless you must never violence against these brats exercise, now you know what came out here. The only thing you still remains now is to include your anger and apologize to the little brat.

The laugh of the complainants. That was just a small quarrel and the whole is set on grounds of insignificance.

First congratulations subsequently Birthday!
What says the adults of you accompanied has run at? After You can your car with 17 still do not drive alone!

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