Have fear that I will not create the Advanced College student ...

Hi everyone, I just lately afraid that I will not create the extended high-school diploma. Am now 9th grade school and I'm okay ... have 1x1 6x2 ------ ---- ---- 4x3 and 1x4 ...'m afraid I can not do it, I have my dream job and could imagine no more! I'll need later University student ... What can I tuhen against my fear ???

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I can completely understand your fear.

I have homemade high school, 2 years ago and am this year before my graduation.

The exam situation I have first experienced in MR times, which was strange to sit at hundreds, almost thousands in a sports hall and because the tests to make, but the places, get ready well before, iss the darkest chocolate, you can see and do everything possible to feel as safe as it gets.

So from my experience here and what I have heard from others, the oral exams are actually quite relaxed (comes naturally to the examiner at), which also have as examine one after the other and are not usually sharp strikes, one after others fail to make.

The important thing is that you have a good feeling about this.

You are in the ninth, have therefore still time your grades are better than my time and I am still really purely hung the last year, the MR have been completed in the end with 1.3, there's nothing lost, do not To care.

Prepare well, learn what you already can exactly select your entry accordingly topics and learn the rest so that you can answer the most important questions.

Best wishes and much success,


PS Everything I've told here corresponds to the process here in Bavaria, depending on where you come from, that will of course vary.

And if you have any questions, even school nature, feel free to send me a message.

You are in the 9th grade and do not have enough time. Your grade point average is similar to good, but it depends on what you have in the main subjects. I've also made Fachabi and have also not erweitertern then had.

This is borderline average! As long as you in the subjects required for the profession a 1 or 2 show can be all good!

The notes you need but have no fear.

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