Have I committed a fraud?

Hi, I'm on Facebook in a flea market group. have been all very well quite a few things sold everything always have stayed without problems lately. Have ps3 games offered including smackdown vs rwar 2010 (whatever that is written) and W2K2014. So since I was a lady Must she wanted smackdown vs rwar 2014 have not respected it she wrote in 2014 and then I do not have smackdown vs rwar 2014 meant. So then I have her day again later wrote that but I smackdown vs rwar 2010 have the the 2014 game already has buyers. After long back and forth I had her game over yet but bring not just to you but to a girlfriend to her. Have I done the girlfriend has the games looked believed it and they've sold. Then next day they said that would be the wrong game she wanted to have 2014 and I have the yes also said they want to swap and have then told they have geschireben smackdown vs rwar and had only of 2010. Then came nothing since yesterday have my ps3 games offered again they will be going on, including the W2K 2014 what was not picked up by retailers. She returns to operation huhu the game is again exchanged as she wished and as I told her since it is a private sale was I not take it back, and after such a long time even if they buy it no problem and then it makes me at for fraud which they sought police etc. I then wrote to her that she would have to pick myself the games are and the control itself should not and her friend then it would not have come this far. Then she turns me on I allegedly wants to blame because I was too stupid for something, and a lot more. My question who is to blame me or them?

The best answer

What do you want???

You wrote that you smackdown ... have offered for sale in 2010 and, 2014.

out she has been writing you that she would like Smackdown ... but no date given ???

and suggest you have her because you only Smackdown ... 2010 available to her had offered this and it also indicated the year ???

She has agreed and you have brought to the girlfriend who then paid.

When it's done so, everything is OK you conduct yourself properly. this is just one important:

thou hast her Smackdown ... 2010 offered (with year SPECIFIED) and she has accepted this as you this broughtest to her friend.

in which case you will also need to take back anything and it was not a scam.

For fraud also an intention must be behind to knock the other over the ear and I can see that in the case not to be given, the most maximum is that you can be forced to unwind the transaction if they wrote at the outset to want to have the 2014er version and you forget the year when your counteroffer have should.

React simply no more, say the 2014 is no longer there, have you not written and hats so assumed completed.

Test your not worry, private sale and she can see the yes

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