Have I done right? Electrolysis of water right? fuel cell

I have a stupid nuisance, and although I have long been working on my presentation and now me my teammate made totally out of the concept. That's why I wanted to ask whether here somebody knows it. It is really urgent and important. Below I set up my text and in Appendix I send a picture. please help me. On the internet I think it's just not.

Thanks in advance


As an electrolyser, a device is referred to, in the electric current by means of a chemical reaction, ie, a material conversion is brought about: There is an electrolysis takes. In electrolysis, chemical compounds are decomposed by electric Storm,

eg in the electrolysis of water. Preliminary, there is a water molecule (H2O) of oxygen and hydrogen. In a hydrogen electrolysis, a hydrogen molecule is split into two hydrogen ions (H +) and a hydroxide ion or oxygen (OH).

A Elektrolyseuer consists principally of: a negatively charged cathode a positive charged anode and an electrolyte membrane

In the electrolysis of water, the process is as follows: At the beginning of the electrolyzer of the starting material is fed water and applied an electrical voltage, in which a metallic conductor is connected to the voltage sources (negative pole and the positive pole), so move later the electrons in a certain direction. These electrons are formed at the negative pole (the cathode), here are water OH ions and hydrogen. (The voltage indicates how strong the drive of the electric current)

At the negative pole of the voltage source exists an excess of electrons, the positive terminal electron deficiency. For information: Positive ions (cations are also bennant) migrate to the negative pole (hence cations, because the negative is always at the cathode) negatively charged ions (anions) migrate to the positive (because this is where the positive pole is always at the anode is). The anions migrate through a permeable only for ions electrolyte membrane to the positive pole. Because of this electrical insulating properties of the membrane, the electrons, the voltage source are forced to go through an external electrical circuit. Here (light, heat) caused the consumer effects. Here is oxygen and some water. Here, the hydrogen gas at the cathode and oxygen gas at the anode accumulate. The applied electrical energy is stored as chemical energy in the hydrogen. Here is oxygen and some water. Here, the hydrogen gas at the cathode and oxygen gas at the anode accumulate. In summary: hydrogen and oxygen from water and electricity.

The operation of a fuel cell corresponds to the reversal of an electrolysis.

The best answer

What are you going to actually know? And where you have your teammate infested?

So I just write what I notice:

  • First of all you have to divide your text better. In a paragraph of 15 lines I always difficult to take the next line correctly. And content paragraphs are prescribed: Breadboard, cathode reaction anode reaction, Wegebnis, explanation ...
  • You repeat things constantly
  • You hopping wildly between subjects and fro
  • You factual errors in it: H2O you can now not in H2 + disassemble OH, are generating Since you ever loose 1 proton and 2 electrons from nowhere
  • Electrons do not occur at the negative pole, they come from the battery.
  • In the fuel cell did not respond, is certainly not a good idea. There are already 2-5 sets mounted

There are more such inaccuracies in it.

not of course in an emergency - Among programmers, there is the Council to declare a program of cleaning lady. If that could understand it, then you explained it well.

Only on this section (have not read):

"as in the electrolysis of water. Pre is a water molecule (H2O) of oxygen and hydrogen. In a hydrogen electrolysis hydrogen molecule into two hydrogen ions (H +) and a hydroxide ion or oxygen (OH) is broken."

"as in the electrolysis of water. preliminary (?) is a water molecule (H2O) consisting of an oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. (What does this information?) In a hydrogen electrolysis water electrolysis is a hydrogen molecule water molecule into two hydrogen ions (H +) and in a hydroxide ion or oxygen (OH) disassembled. nonsense. you are discharged, the separation takes place in hydrogen and oxygen molecules "

Find I wrote quite good, a few words would not adjust, such as the drive in the description of the current strength.

Electrolysis folds way also without such a membrane.

Pure water is dissociated only a very small part,

to 10 ^ 7 molecules is one which is decomposed into ions (pH 7).

Therefore, the resistance, the conductivity is very low, high, the current is small,

electrolysis slowly. Therefore given to eg. Acid to

characterized the number of ions is much greater.

The operation, splitting a water molecule into ions is called dissociation and has nothing to do with electrolysis.

During electrolysis the ions at the electrodes get a charge and are thus neutral.

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