have ne ask about driver from windows 8.1

So I have a question about the driver. I have in this moment Intel (R) HD Graphics driver on it but it's actually not my driver ... my normal driver is the ati mobility radeon 5000, but if I install this lubricates my pc from and I have to reset to an earlier date ... So I wanted to ask if Intel (R) HD graphics counts as graphic card drivers, if not are there any alternative or solutions as I can instlalieren my normal driver without which I must reset ?.

Then I have among other devices still 4 unknown driver with an exclamation mark on it how can I fix this?

Thanks in advance schonma sry for the long text =)

The best answer

in device manager is a! since because: since the drivers are missing / are faulty - hol driver easy you - had to crack to get full version - it will search for drivers for you and installs them

Date: 2018-07-13 Views: 1

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