Have you effective tips for losing weight? 15 Kg and up!

Good evening, I know that this issue here very often happens, but unfortunately I have not found anything suitable. So I'd love to lose weight, because I'm really overweight. I currently weigh around 86 kg and am about 1.65 m tall and will in the summer of 16 years alt.Bitte saves you those comments such as "How could you there at all insofar as can come?" etc. Such comments I can not really use and do not help me. I've gained over the years more and more because I get frequently is always something to eat by stress. I belong more to the variety, the more stress eat more - unfortunately. Since January 2014 I have not increased, but can not make it even to decrease. I really have tried many things, installing of diet on healthy diet and exercise into daily life. The other day it was so that I had quite a bit of stress from private reasons and week times hardly what I ate, which is usually just rather the opposite. In addition, I still made every day about 30 minutes workouts and just omit dinner partly because I just was not hungry. And what I have lost in a week? Nothing, instead I had a further 0.5 kg more on the scales. I just do not understand, because I can do what I want, and still not pick up.

I am more than willing to make sport and of course to eat healthier. Really, I would probably do everything imaginable for to lose weight. I am also willing to roll up my life to complete, but I just can not do it, to take the first step. Of course you can not me the possibility to help, but maybe someone of you have similar experiences or decreased by certain methods slightly. I also very often made up my mind to go jogging because I feel that this makes it very fun. But I just can not overcome, because then I'm considering what most people think when they see jogging a strong girl. Mir is only the appearance of what others have on me, very important. Also, I've been thinking, an exercise bike to buy, because that's already would be a start.

You know maybe any methods or tips how I can better lose weight? So I would like to come to my 65-70 Kg, most likely even less, but I want to first go slow. 5 kg would have a sense of achievement for me: D or nd I would like to like to lose until the summer, so within 4 months to the 10-12 kg, which I actually quite realistically find, since one can lose weight about 1 kg per week the a healthy level is.

Would appreciate helpful answers! :-)

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Tip 1:

Think about a small notebook in which you record all the foods you eat throughout the day. Make yourself the task to eat lower calorie products with less fat. Avoid especially high-fat foods. A einprozentiges yogurt breastfeeding as well hunger like a three-owned and are your fat cells no new food.

Tip 2:

Also watch the drinks to calorie products. Drink tap water - preferably 3-4 liters a day. Also able to dampen the hunger and flushes out the toxins from your body.

Tip 3:

Attempts evening only little or nothing better to eat. You'll see how good you'll feel the next morning. The stomach feels flatter and you're really hungry for a hearty breakfast.

Tip 4:

Once you verspürst cravings for something sweet, you PREVENTS not completely. Treat yourself to one or the other rib chocolate, if you do not even aushaltest. It is better you can treat now and then a little something when you fall after three weeks of extreme mortification over a large bar of chocolate manufacture and destroyed it completely. Then the bad conscience is certainly large and at the end you throw all good intentions back and falls back into the old rut.

Tip 5:

Do not forget to have a balanced diet despite reduced calorie diet. Balanced is, especially to enrich the diet with vitamin-rich fruits, vegetables, dairy products and other fiber-rich foods and not to take "dead" calories from ham and cheese cakes to be.

Tip 6:

Attempts two- to exercise three times a week. First Sport distracts from the food and when one has once done something athletic, you are no longer hungry afterwards so.

If you are a lazy guy, so it is advisable to enroll in a fitness center. Even if you three times a week for 1 hour "just" sitting there on the home trainer and present thyself in the pedals, which means already an effective calorie burning.

Have you answered yes everything themselves. With diet change, exercise bike down and and and. And because of the jog, I should see a somewhat corpulent person jogging, my thoughts would be: good, they realized hats !! And you would also wish good luck.

The reason for the 0.5 more on the scale: you make muscle mass and these weigh more than fat. I would say stay Strong and be patient. You are then more the type of decreases differently than others. Stay in any case with the healthy diet dan you're on the safe side. And try it with a regular operation of sports. Regularly is important and effective. Seats ups and running. just let the fingers of diet pills! I wish him much success :)

together goes best!

I with ner girlfriend and Weight Watchers in half a year removed 23kg .... but alone I would have never made it

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