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Arise a boy but now have only realized how I let him packing. I had the feeling that the boy to me he is always telling me funny stories come to my place or teasing me. Today I realized that I might have scared him pretty with sayings like "you choose what", but he wanted to come to me. Yes I know that's been stupid of me but what do I do now? Do you think he could be with me? But I want him not say that I like him. What do I do now? pls help

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Oh, if you're nice to him again tomorrow, everything is ok

Just be honest with him, tell him that these sayings were not serious, and that you like him.

Just go up to him and tell him "No offense."

Either you will directly or you screwed it there. Honestly, I would also fuck off with such sayings. ^^

Just go once to him and speaking with him. Can it also sometimes ask if you want to do what.

HIHI that's bad, well just pretend as if nothing had happened .... oh and go bury you!

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