HDD can not defragment itself. 0% Defragments

Hello, the hard drive of my Win7 Pro laptops can not defragment itself. Property already some programs tried and also the Windows own defrag program. After the defragmentation process is defragmented there always 0% or 0 files. (CHKDSK I have tried, I'm assuming that this is a problem with the hard drive. What to do? Reformat hard drive with NTFS, and then reinstall Win new I'd rather not.

Thanks in advance!

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Have you tried safe mode? You could also use the Windows command line try. For press Start, then Run and type cmd. In the Komandozeilenfenster give defrag c: to as the C: drive to defragment. Here are a few programs that you can try: http: //www.computerbild.de/fotos/Test-Defragmentierungs-Programme-Windows-7-5279 ...

Which brand is the hard drive? You could her condition with the diagnostic tool manufacturer check. If more bad sectors are found, then back up the data and get you a new plate.



since it is not a size issue, probably your file system has a quirk. Normally, the message should chkdsk / f appear run. Make nevertheless times the command line command chkdsk / f / r as an administrator. In a system partition testing after a restart of the system is carried out before loading the operating system. Note that this procedure can take a long time!

even this is unsuccessful, you should backup your back play.

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when are extremely large files on the hard disk, it is conceivable that a defragmentation is not possible. Some defragmentation programs can be seen to what files are, if, for example moving the cursor to the corresponding blocks.

Just try times another defragmentation program, as Smart Defrag. 4

Before you defragmentierst, but you should back up your complete partition make. You never know if the computer hangs there, then everything is quickly "gone"! And to work without a backup, is extremely dangerous especially for a laptop.

LG Culles

Experiment with the freeware driver booster free. Instaliere consequently much all drivers. Did you USBs external hard drives or similar connected then plug it off. Your anti-virus program has a defragmentation option with security.

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