HDD Click loud?

Hi I have for a long time a problem. The problem is that the hard drive, always click on my PC, relatively loud. However, it is NOT the "click of death" which she still works, but it sounds the same. Whenever it clicks is the task manager that it is at 100% for a short time. Always then depends on everything ne second. Can someone help me? is perhaps a virus? or hardware. I want to in no case a disk because I have a lot of important things on this, which I love.

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Hello Flynnomator,

Such sounds indicate that the state of the disc is not very good. In your place I would back up the data stored on it as soon as possible to another disk and then test the HDD with the diagnostic tool manufacturer. What brand is it? Here are different tools that you can use it: http: //forum.chip.de/festplatten-laufwerke-ssd/analysetool-fuer-festplatten-1523 ...

Poste, please, the results here. The chances are very high that you would need a new plate.


Had something well in advance .. shortly after the disk sucked ... but have fortunately before that the entire hard disk ^^ backed up on my external hard drive I would advise the same. I guess it was a hardware problem ... was far too lazy to use my guarantee: D

Samsung disk and Intel RST Driver? If so:
http: //forum.chip.de/festplatten-laufwerke-ssd/windows-10-upgrade-festplatte-kla ...

> I want a disk because I have a lot of important things on this that I love in no case.

Do you play Russian Roulette and go diving with sharks?

Also hard drives that do not click, can from now on equal conk to have important things without backup only on a hard drive, is comparable to the Russian Roulette.

Your click is most likely due to the fact that some areas of the plate have already become almost illegible - during the time with 100% makes many, many attempts to read until it finally works out. Sooner or later it will remain unreadable despite many attempts at reading.

I would - if I because no backup could - immediately copy the disk entirely on a new (!). And if I did not know how to do that, I would pay for someone that he does it for me. And then let me show you how I can perform a regular data backup in the future.

These are the first signs of a hard disk crash.

Please respond immediately and take good precautions.

Be smart and secure your important data on an external hard drive, USB, etc.

That is not good.

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