Hey guys what do the 4 words if I want to buy a pc it depends always there because I do not know the words

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HDD are previously installed in storage devices. Here, a disc rotates on a magnetic head, the data writes and reads.

SSD is a new technology of the mass memory. Here, it is not as in the HDD to a mechanism but of pure, non-volatile memory. This access can be accelerated considerably and mechanical errors are excluded.

DDR is the successor of normal SDRAM. Also DDR is SDRAM but at a higher speed. There are DDR 1-4. At each stage, the memory is faster. But the DDR RAM must match the mainboard. Buyer so check once what RAM is supported by the motherboard. DDR4 is the latest technology and is currently still very expensive. Since the mainboard must be indeed bought to match the DDR4 RAM. You'll probably buy a motherboard with DDR3 support.

Within the DDR RAM stage there is the timing of the memory, as in DDR3: 1333.1600, etc .. Here's crucial support for which speed the processor. For this one looks at the data processor at Intel. Anything over 1600 is only supported for overclocking. If you buy a so DDR3 2400 has the processor and the motherboard overclocking capability be to reach this speed. Will not overclock DDR3 1600 ranges from. Even if the processor, the RAM is supported only to 1333 automatically down clocked and then only runs at 1333 MHz.

HDD is a hard-drive, -> The memory of the PC

SSD is a solid state drive -> The quick version of HDD

DDR -> Ram, (DDR3, DDR4, DDR2 ..) is currently available at the exchange to DDR4.


Are with me 3 words, not 4 :-)

HDD -> Hard Disk Drive -> This is your hard drive

SSD -> Solid State Drive -> Hard Disk currently achieved the fastest Geschwinidgkeiten + no "read head" more we HDD's .. Silent work.
(Price / GB is higher than HDDs ..)

DDR -> Double Data Rate RAM = :-)

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