He had what with another, what should I do?

I jetz been a while contact with a boy, together, we are not because I want to wait. He can actually do what he wants but somehow we are like together, I know it does not make sense but we write every day, see each other often and we also love. Yesterday he told me that he has another a blow when he was celebrating but he cried while he has it eezählt me, I was really shocked and it hurts me correctly. What should I do? I ran away and I yelled at him and ignore him when he writes to me, I realize already that he's sorry and I do not want to hurt him and jetz have no more contact with him but I just check anything and am really confused and Hurt. . What to do best I do?

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You are with this boy not together and ergo he can do what he would like. However, his message is joy to you very strange, especially since he will surely also noticed that you are about a lot more interested in him might. Ultimately, however, no matter what, and how, you were quite well do not advise to get involved too much with this boy going sooner or later in the breaks. More than friendship, I would not recommend you.

If you already see how unstable he actually is though you are not even together but just stand in front of, you should also worry as in future is as strikes ....

Everyone has ne 2 chance deserves no matter what he did write him and not make him such a bad certain if you love him already

You are not together, but it acts as you would love you if you come together will no longer happen Forgive him, you are not nunmal together

Silk zuzammen her or not? Or are you something like Friends With Benefits? As long as you're not zuzammen with him you have no right to argue with him because he can always do what he wants and does not compromise with you. He was also honest with you you were mad at him, and it did him sorry. I think you love each other easily, give him a chance and make him your friend

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