He ignored me when Whatsapp but smiles at school to me.

So. It is to explain a bit complicated. I'll try. I went with a boy for 2 years in a class. We got pretty good. Even now. While we go to different classes, but until a week ago we understood full well. Anyway, I now have religion with him in the same course. He sits a row behind me and I turn around and want to ask for something, then he smiles even from time to time. He is a boy not friends who can not stand me, and if this boy then him in teaching what is whispering about me then he laughs actually or smiles. We wrote a lot eigl even with Whatsapp. Daily only now he ignored me. I do not want him ansprevhen it because I do not want to be clingy. What do you think, what he thinks because of me ...?

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Maybe he degree simply no time to write?

Date: 2019-01-17 Views: 2
Tags: Love boys

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