he looks like a fighting dog

Is it an attack dog

The best answer

The point is not whether the particular dog as a fighting dog (better: List dog) looks, but whether it is a hybrid of these breeds. He is also considered list dog.

In case of doubt, it is determined by an expert.

It's so easy to upload a picture - sure that you can cope with a list dog mix in everyday life, if you do not do it? Time asking heretical


Hmm ;; Attack Dog in the fog !!! ??? I think these are the most dangerous at all. They suddenly appear, strike mercilessly, and disappear in the mist. They are related to the Smoke Jaguars ::::: >>

How then does an attack dog?

You could include a photograph of yourself pure questions and ask whether you look like a nurse or taxi driver ... comes out ads like!

There is no attack dogs! One can only make such a beast of a dog if you have failed in the education.

The Right or left? So the law is definitely a blatant animal.

He still has to grow.

No, this is not a fighting dog

Who? No picture and no link to see?

Bad to judge.

There is no attack dogs !!!

??? An invisible .... Incidentally, there is no attack dogs. But inexplicably list dogs. As if these dogs are generally born evil and snappy ...

man it is !!

An invisible dog.

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