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I am 16 & am boy in love with a 17-year-old. The problem is he has a girlfriend, said he has always said that he is only interested in football and his boys. He does not know that I love him. He knows not yet times I know that it exists. Were it not for his girlfriend I had honestly really good chance with him. And by the way, he's only been 10 days with her. What should I do? Releasing or keep fighting?

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I find it difficult on the one hand I would by your agency to fight for him on the other hand he has a girlfriend now, but that is not that you can not contact him, you can him so simple appeal times and a little attention to you make you should in be honest any case then you know in every case exactly where you stand with him and have you not afterward have accused peacefully abandoned I would fight in any case continue

Releasing could be difficult. Everybody can not just let go, or to "fall out" .Gehe a small step toward him, talking with Him. You'll notice if he has interest, if so fighting! If not, you can not force love !! But consider whether you want to sleep a girl relax the friend inside you.

Just think after that you can find good to him about the things and what you think of him bad findest.Aber after carefully about it, because love is the mother of blind !! If the bad things outweigh, I would again consider carefully whether you really love him and want to make a relationship broken.

But the good stuff should outweigh wirlich, I advise you one thing: Fight for your love !! Villeicht läufts yes, just eh with his girlfriend not good. ♡♡

I hope I could you help a little bit further, at least

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