He loves me, I do not love him

My ignorance is really very big at the time. I was 1 year and 2 months together with a truly great man. When we first met, everything went very quickly, he fell very in me and I liked his presence aussegewöhnlich Doll. He introduced me to the question whether I want to be with him, and if not, then we should have no more contact, because otherwise it unbearable for him Curr. I did not want to lose, and read myself to the relationship, even though I so from the beginning had a strange feeling that I eig. Something like love for him not feel, besides, it was at the time not so long ago that I broke up with my ex and my feelings were as a wreck. But I thought that it would come with time, how can a man also love that makes the world a paradise for not. We have mutually embellished our everyday lives. But the sex was not, but he had trz for all understanding and offered me every time I was with him breakfast in bed. Gave me very often flowers and opened the door before I sat down in the car. But the feeling that something is wrong ncith always remained. Sometimes I could forget about it and I've even said yourself, prop you love him in such a particular way, I've really no idea what I me so himself wanted to prove. But as time passed and the parents of the others have a very fond. But I felt trz funny in the relationship and had also so slow guilt against him developed. After 8 months of the relationship, I moved because a study and live about 3 hours away from him, we have regularly met on weekends and what made together, but the feeling was still there. All the year through I had no sensual desire, than that I learn to love this wonderful, warm human being at last. I have often heard stories that one has liked in the beginning and not at some point love has arisen at a time, because I have with me hoping. My mother had me also come to be seen, as they should make sure that he is doing it very much. I lived a long time with the hope. Our relationship had good and bad days, but every day my heart said that it is not entirely true, but my head was able to often convince them that I'm crazy. Yesterday I broke up and I feel very dirty, but it goes destined crappy, he said that he leaves me, because he so loves me. He Währe my opinion, the perfect husband and father and I can so much with him imagining, but as I can make this feeling away, how? Now I am all the time on the verge of possibly back to report to him and to tell him that I would try it again, but then I'd trz continue to live according to the principle "vlliebichihniwan

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I'm actually always thought that one must also play relationship work in a relationship, so it funktioniert.Du wrote himself, he has given you to paradise gemacht.Da you really ... are Glück.Es the world without the now to want to evaluate many who exactly ardently wish würden.Dann there as yet the phrase "What does not fit is made to fit" .Habt ye sensibly talk about? Have you told him about it, how it looks in you? What he thinks about it? What about your Exi previously existed there still residual feelings etc? And ... you end Made, but do you feel bad about it? What is it, you love him, you do not love him? What do you think? Perhaps would be when it comes so dirty you first take a break have been better, so that you clearly are you about your feelings could have-if you do not have to miss him and so on? Because-so really sure you seem you.

Otherwise, if there without him you're better than him, then I'd run through the complete heartbreak program, with all the bells and dran.Du know what I mean? Handkerchiefs, chocolate, girl evenings, cinema, celebrations go, Ablenkung.Und something.

Only somehow I do not think this is in your case, the good choice since you are unsure, so scheints.In the case: organize feelings, and if you are you become sure of what you want, then after handeln.Nur unfortunately -The you have alone then. ^^ If you want to do that, I would also, if it is not yet clear, first keep contact ban.

Wish help you much Kraft.Wenns, Look here.


Since there are competent help.


That you can not, then he's just not the right man for you. If you are fair, then end this relationship, because otherwise you hurt him even more.

You should be honest towards him

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