He may not now multiply or is this normal for you guys?

A boy has asked me a question whether we want to be together but I rejected this because it went too fast for me and wanted him only once to know properly. He goes 1 on class and we have always written but since I refused he jostles me, does not answer, beschmeißt me or makes me goofy. Does that mean he likes me anymore or what's wrong with him? (I like him a lot and do not think it nice of him, I wanted to meet him just right so I know who I was getting myself)

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He was injured and brings so expressed. It's not the nice way, but sooner or later he will be over it.

The best way you can a little grass on the thing grow. Go a little distance.

How old are you and how old is he? Sounds like he was still very childish and he can not deal with ner dissipation. This is definitely not normal at "us" * - *

Well I do not think this is normal for us. He was probably a little overzealous and fell with the door into the house. Now is frustrated because it did not go to his pace, after some time he gets on again'll see.

He's still in love with you, but now plays the offended liverwurst. He thinks that he has to get ready now, because you will not be zsm with him.

He finds the mistrusting rich. He must have thought you'll ATake therefore he is sad / angry etc. So he let his anger out.

Whether this is normal with us?

not so that I know I would never something to do ... probably he is now trying to make you so this way ...

There is still a child like you and now he's stubborn.

ie that you have his pride wounded and he drove off with the can not handle; -) ... now y'know yes what ne art guy he is ^^

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