He writes nich back!

I met on the internet before short a boy. We have truly understood us, also every day always written together. After time ner he wrote then nothing around back, endweder he wrote only hours later or not at all. I've met him asked why he does not write, he said then that he can always write back nich because he just viedeos makes and puts on youtube. I've already asked him whether he has lust to write to me and he said "yeah". When I asked him if we can telen he said "yes later" and he wanted to write to me if I can call him. then I have 6 hours waiting he then sometimes writes to me but there was nothing, and then I asked him if I can call him now and he has not written back. I understand you have not why he has always written immediately back at the beginning, then suddenly nothing around and then he says he wants to write with me but can nich always write back. But he is by going online and reading the message but does not write ... he :( vllt the interest in me lost? I just do not understand. Please help me :(

Greetings killer bee

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First of you should not send you as many worry about something like that, because first you do not even know him really and therefore you should not go in increase so and, secondly, you're not going there are other / better things to do than to wait someone writes back to you, whom you know from the Internet only for a few days.

In addition, it is usually so that one simply has greater writes at the beginning because you have to tell each other even more, since it depends all the time on the phone and waits for the / the other writes, but the longer such a conversation going , the more you build the in his own daily routine one, that is, one looks only from time to time whether the / has other replied and only writes back, if you really have time and desire to do so.

So do as I said do not worry so much about it.

not interested?? you know each other but only over the internet, how can he have as interresse? he can not let you kiss her, he can not cuddle with you, he can only write the finger sore ... why should he have to interresse more? and when a young says that he has no time, he has no time, I have also often no time to write back because I just so many write I währrend gamble on am .. there is simply difficult ^^

Think he just not interested, but has not the it mumm to tell you.

But he is by going online and reading the message but does not write

forget the guy who has no interest

Jaa you nervst him if you ever write to him, just the same situation but to swept the boy writes all the time and now it annoys me.

A lot occupier man I would say

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