Headache from passive smoking?

So, every morning before school I stand with friends (almost all smokers) in a circle & the smoke. After school the same. When I later I meet my other friends who also smoke are I breathe smoke all indeed a. Since a few days I always totally bad & I headache, sometimes I do not even dizzy. Now the question comes, smoke that the Passive? & How can I prevent it's so bad to me? Because I want to stay with my friends already.

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May be passive smoking, in fact. These symptoms may occur in fact in the first cigarette that you smoke yourself. (That's why I immediately aufghört so). Now you're really in a dilemma, your friends are more important than your health? In principle, you need both, friends and health. Would be interesting to know how your friends are still friends, when you clearly tell them that you smoke not verträgst and it almost allergic react. And if they could not stop it, because of you. That would be TRUE friends if smoking would at least considerably restrict in your presence.

netürlich it is because of freshness not

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