Headaches in bewegeung?

Yesterday afternoon I had a sore throat a little, I slept all day (15-19 hours) woke up and had headache / nausea / fever. I could sleep all night very little and bad, also I always dreamed the same. This morning I woke up and now I can my neck only 1-2 cm move left / right without getting hurt, I have also very strong headache that are almost unbearable when I get up and am moving a little.

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Hello Steven,

since the question which you have driven in the past few days, food ... ect., your current Lebensumstände.Bewegung is not verkerhrt! Fresh air, water, warm tea to take you. Pain in the neck can arise from your sleep position ago. Headaches can also cramp your muscles. Warmth! Start with slow movements. Doctors prescribe drugs that harm only kidney and liver.

Get well!

Hi Steven144, it can do with the cervical spine haben.Vor especially during movement (rotation, adduction and abduction, forward and backward tilt of the head) LG Sto

Go to the doctor.

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