Headphones - flat cable or fabric / textile jacketed cable, which is better and why?


What do you think is better: a flat cable or a sheathed with fabric / textile cable for headphones? Why?

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It has both advantages and disadvantages - the flat cables are very stable and do not bend as easily have it but a clearly defined bend direction is always the same and therefore had unilateral load, where first a failure will occur. Textile jacket has the additional advantage that it thus even limited from heat (naked flames, radiators, etc.) is protected, and the cable simply can not be kinked, because the sheath prevents. Generally, it depends just always depend on where the weakest point in the member - so you should especially the plug and cable look respect shortly after the plugs and the earcups strain relief, kink protection, etc.

The respective cable noise while moving at the clothes are not to be underestimated. This may interfere with enjoying music very.

I think textile as this supple at corners sliding to a past, as is also more stable. So I had some headphones and charging cable, coated with rubber, throw away because of defective or with tesa so flicken- my opinion

Definitely flat cable, is more practical because it can not break and you can untie it much easier

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