Headset 40 € and 120 €?

Hi folks, I have ruined recently my headset. It is now ungebrauchbar and I need for about 1 -2 months a replacement because then I want to buy myself a clever headset someone has a good recommendation € 35-40 and because I want a gescheitest bring me a for 80-120 € I know myself not so good

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In your place I'd me save the money for the bypass headset and then buy a really good for about the 150th And then separately but not a real headset headphones and microphone, as the quality is much better. This could include Beyerdynamic DT 770 with a Zalman lapel Micro costs zusamenn ca € 145th

MFG Luke

What I have found inmoment and interest is the

http: //www.amazon.de/Lioncast-LX16-PRO-Gaming-Headset/dp/B00R1JBPL6/ref=sr_1_14 ...?

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