Headset + Stand micro or headset? What more worthwhile?

Jo people what goes.

I was / am quite dissatisfied with the Siberia v2, since the micro is a joke. Now I am thinking on: Should I send it back (nor is it feasible) and bring me the HyperX Cloud headset, or should I keep Siberia due to the wearing comfort and somehow still looking for a stand micro? What would be worth more? Yes I know that the state mics are very expensive, so I do not know if that makes sense ...

Or. the HyperX Cloud recommended at all?

The best answer

Stand Micro-diaphragm bulk in normal living environment are ALWAYS problematic. Are your rooms not studio moderately damped and noise-free ??? (Keyboard clatter, mouse clicks. Fan noise? (Here users are almost daily with their capacitor Großmembranern have to get these sounds off problems. W ... ww. / Ask / tbone-sc-450-shot-richtungstaerke Alleviate? Foundin = expert_mail) Therefore, I advise to condenser large diaphragm microphones in "normal" rooms from. the need something "absolute hum-free, studio moderately damped". Try it once rather a dynamic microphone. For example, the Samson q7, discount loud, dynamic microphone, with anyway very good reviews, the Rode M1, the Sennheiser E836, the Shure SM 58, hypercardioid. w ww.thomann.de/de/audix_om_2.htm (which unfortunately are all more expensive) all not as sensitive to noise tripod etc. furthermore, cable XLR mic, on the computer side 3,5 jack. Or large jack and adapter to 3.5 jack to fit if you later buy yourself an interface to it. Try it. Probably you enough this quality. the costs Q7 microphone € only 33rd Tripod + cable Popschutz to everything together € approx 65th Is there at Thomann, music store, amazon, etc. Since 30 day money back guarantee, I would buy it at Thomann or music store. If you do not like you can return it w ... ww.thomann.de / de / samson_q7.htm test the Q7 to w...ww.thomann.de/de/cat_amazona~ncxes.html?artid=4810&ar=296769&sid=fbef73b8f90f55cab5464a80c6761a8c

Cable for direct connection w ... Q7 ww.amazon.de / Quality audio cable meter minijack stereo / dp / B005WGFQP6

For HyperX Cloud I can not tell you anything, but I can tell you that I've done with this "Stand Mikros" no good experience. Although the sound may very properly be (which also is not guaranteed), but you have much more ambient noise, especially the keyboard and mouse. This can (and is) quite neven your teammates.

So the Logitech G930 loose enough from the micro ago

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