Health insurance for dog WITHOUT OP-protection?

Hi, I have an 8 month old mixed breed. Recently, it has been found that they have an allergy to mites and molds. This needs to be addressed in any case and the desensitization is probably very expensive. I also had in the past few months so horrendous vet bills that I think that health insurance would not be bad. Now I've ever looked and you can apparently choose only between a full insurance and a surgical insurance. Now I do not think that a surgical insurance would be necessary, since one can operate an allergy gone bad. In addition, the full insurance would be so expensive that the treatment could probably be so expensive precisely.

Now my question is: Is there a health insurance, which also offers deals without OP-protection?

LG Luisa

The best answer

If the dog has already requiring treatment disease, you can save you money.

And really save. Then you can pay the vet bills.

No, there is not, would not help you further.

Pet health insurance issues, as in humans, in the application to existing diseases or health problems or close easily in the conditions existing diseases from. The allergy is already diagnosed, so you get this no insurance coverage.

If you still want coverage for occurring in the future things, then you'd have to choose, in fact, a full and rather expensive dog health insurance.

Yet something else: We have even a dog (English Bulldog.) With allergy to mites and house dust and we decided to desensitization and keep basically nothing about it. Further explanation would but now beyond the scope. Please write possibly a private email.

Since you're too late - it will probably be hardly find an insurance policy that insures your dog still. It is - like humans - asked for pre-existing conditions, because your Wauzi will fall through. That would be otherwise, as if to a branding house against fire assure (sorry for the comparison, but it hits the nail on the head).

The already established in your dog diseases and their treatment costs would be taken over more of any dog ​​health

If your dog is only 8 months old, then would have to leave but can understand why, and why running so high veterinary costs incurred ...

And most allergies in young dog you can treat very successful:

Your dog needs rational and humanely raised food and any kind into Fertigpampe or dry food !!! (also not as much vaunted Allergy-feed of Royal Canin which the vets so happy to recommend)

Even if these costs would no longer be taken for your dog because

this question you'd have to answer truthfully:

Has or had your dog defects, deformities, disease or accidents? Are you veterinary treatments or operations of your dog known?

Greeting A.

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