Hearing impairment by pine cracking

I cracked on Friday with my jaw. Through this crack can iwie affects hearing. As I have done before, I was able to hear a few minutes more, but since Friday I hear in his left ear very little. When I wake up it's first time away, but then comes back and it annoying animal. It feels like as if printing it or it would be clogged. Can you give me vll help out what that is?

Thanks in advance!


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Sure coming from the cracking and not from a cold, loud noise, or a sudden loss of hearing? You should therefore go either way for ENT doctor, but I'm sure you'll find on the internet a lot of information about it.

Often such problems come from teeth grinding. This leads, inter alia, headache and hearing problems.

Here helps a consultation with the dentist and possibly a bite splint.

For the reduced listening I recommend ear candle with soothing propolis.

Through the cleansing action and soothing warmth ear candles can also in case of complaints as tinnitus and pitch pipes, help background noise and fluctuating pressure ears.

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